Monday, February 7, 2011

Glasgow Smile "The Unexpected"

Spring harsh noise from Zach Guttowsky. Includes various sounds of destruction and torture. 28 minutes of destructive noise. Get one today! (copies are unlimited as of right now. might make these into tapes)

Protists Of Nebula/I Like You, Go Home Split/Collab

Patrick Gilligan (Former member of BOAR) and Protists of nebula have teamed up to take down a collab/collaboration. 23 minutes of harsh noise/power electronics. Get your copy today! (Only 3 left in stock)

Glasgow Smile "PUKE" music video

Artist: Glasgow Smile
Song: PUKE
Album:Glasgow Smile/JelyMantis split
Date:January 6, 2011

Protists Of Nebula "Self Titled"

Now being sold online at GO get a copy! Only 4 copies left! $8.25

30 minutes of harsh noise with weird clips and sounds in between.Order a copy today! $8.25