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Please refer to the price list below for information on prices for individual releases. If the item you want is not listed, that mean's it is no longer available through me. If you are ordering multiple items, shoot me a email at burialnoiserecordings@gmail.com

Shipping for the first item in the US is $2 USD. Each additional is $1.

If you are interested in wholesale prices, please email me. burialnoiserecordings@gmail.com

*NOTE* please send all payment as a "gift" so that i do not have to charge you for the paypal fees.

-BR16 Breakdancing Ronald Reagan "Shake Hands With Queef" C45 (15 copies) $5 US
-BR20 Permanent Outlet C30 (20 copies) $5 US
-BR21 A N G S T "Live" C-10 (25 copies) $5 US
-BR22 Aunts Analog "Self Pollution" CD-R (20 copies) $5 US
-BR25 RedSK CD-R (15 copies) $5 US
-BR27 Disgorged Faeces "Radioactive Mist" CD-R (15 copies) $5 US
-BR30 Churner CD-R (15 copies) $5 US
-BR33 Breathing Problem "Running Out Of Drugs" C30 (40 copies) $5 US
-BR35 God Pussy "Apartheid Postuma" CD-R (20 copies) $5 US
-BR36 Werewolf Jerusalem "Just Before Dawn" CD-R re-issue (Deadline Recordings) comes with vinyl sticker. 50 pro printed copies. $6 US
-BR38 Sisterfister "Self Titled" 3" CD-R (20 copies) $5 US
-BR39 Consistency Nature "The Ink Does Not Ponder C60+CD-R (20 copies) $8 US
-BR40 Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau C30 (50 copies) $5 US
-BR41 Scant "Isolationist" C30 (25 copies) $5 US
-BR42 Sleep Column "Suffocated Beauty" C60 (10 copies) $5 US
-BR43 Cock E.S.P. "Cassetteworks 2" CD (50 copies) $7 US
-BR46 Dreaded Lurgy vol.1 (Baculum, FOUL, Oblive, Folter) CS. (30 copies) $7 US
-BR47 Inanition "Gnatwalk" CD-R. (25 copies) $5 US
-BR48 Postule "D.B. Copper" CD-R. (20 copies) $5 US
-BR49 Ashley Blues "The Finest Former Self" CD-R (25 copies) $5 US
-BR50 GX Jupitter-Larsen/Widows Bath/Permanent Outlet CD. (25 copies, split with Rainbow Bridge) $7 US
-BR51 Streetmeat/Glasgow Smile split CS (25 copies) $5 US
-BR52 Thewhitehorse/Churner/Permanent Outlet/Glasgow Smile C60 (25 copies) $6 US

*Prices above do not include shipping*
please refer to top of page for shipping information.

Note: I am not responsible for anything lost in the mail! If you are worried about something getting lost, then you are more than welcome to pay extra for insurance.