Monday, November 26, 2012

New batch out now!

After a long wait, the new batch is finally done!

Out now:

-BR46 Dreaded Lurgy vol.1 (Baculum, FOUL, Oblive, Folter) CS. 30 copies
-BR47 Inanition "Gnatwalk" CD-R. 25 copies.
-BR48 Postule "D.B. Copper" CD-R. 20 copies.
-BR49 Ashley Blues "The Finest Former Self" CD-R (25 copies)
-BR50 GX Jupitter-Larsen/Widows Bath/Permanent Outlet CD. (25 copies, split with Rainbow Bridge)
-BR51 Streetmeat/Glasgow Smile split CS (25 copies)
-BR52 Thewhitehorse/Churner/Permanent Outlet/Glasgow Smile C60 (25 copies)

Email for ordering info since the "buy it now" links aren't currently working.