Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Couple of updates:

Well first off, if you are reading this you will most likely notice that I've done a few things to the page (layout, templates, etc) so hope everybody likes it!

Next, i'd like to announce the list of the releases that will be coming out in the next batch!

Coming out are:

Dreaded Lurgy vol.1 (Baculum, FOUL, Oblive, Folter) CS. 
Inanition "Gnatwalk" CD-R. 
Postule "D.B. Copper" CD-R. Comes with 8 page mini-zine. 
Ashley Blues "The Finest Former Self" CD-R 
Widows Bath/Permanent Outlet CD. (Co-release with Rainbow Bridge)
Streetmeat/Glasgow Smile split CS. Comes with 8 page mini-zine. 
Thewhitehorse/Churner/Permanent Outlet/Glasgow Smile C60